The Top 5 Most Famous Otaku YouTubers

Criteria for Ranking the Top 5 Otaku YouTubers

When it comes to ranking the top Otaku YouTubers, there are a few key criteria that must be considered. These criteria not only the popularity of the YouTuber but also their impact on the Otaku community and the overall quality of their content. In this section, we will discuss in detail the factors that were taken into account when selecting the top 5 Otaku YouTubers.

  1. Subscriber Count:
    The number one factor in determining a YouTuber’s success is their subscriber count. This represents the number of people who have chosen to follow and regularly watch their content. The more subscribers a YouTuber has, the larger their reach and influence within the Otaku community.
  2. View Count:
    Similar to subscriber count, view count is another important factor in determining a YouTuber’s popularity. It shows how many people are actually watching their videos and engaging with their content. A high view count means that a significant number of people are interested in what the YouTuber has to say about anime and other related topics.

1. Gigguk – Garnt Maneetapho

Gigguk, also known as Garnet Maneetapho, is one of the most popular and well-respected otaku YouTubers in the anime community. With over 2 million subscribers and counting, his channel is a go-to destination for anime fans looking for entertaining and informative content. Garnt’s journey into the world of YouTube began in 2006 when he created his channel under the name “giggukAZ”. At that time, his videos revolved around gaming and comedy sketches. However, it wasn’t until 2010 when he started making anime-related content that his channel truly took off.

What sets Gigguk apart from other otaku YouTubers is his unique blend of humor, analysis, and critical thinking. He has a knack for breaking down complex themes and storylines in an easy-to-understand manner while still keeping things light-hearted with witty jokes and references. This combination has earned him a devoted fanbase who eagerly awaits each new video.

2. Master Media – Demon Rush

Master Media -is one of the most popular and respected YouTube channels. They have 3.7 million subscribers and the name of the Owner is Demon Rush.
MsaterMedia is an American youtuber. He created a YouTube channel on October 7, 2014. Currently living in the USA.

3. The Anime Man – Joey Bizinger

Joey Bizinger, better known as The Anime Man, is a YouTuber from Australia who has gained a huge following for his entertaining and informative anime content. With over 2 million subscribers, he has become one of the most famous otaku YouTubers in the world. Joey’s love for anime started at a young age when he was introduced to Studio Ghibli films by his mother. As he grew older, his passion for anime only intensified and he began to create videos on YouTube discussing various topics related to the medium. His unique sense of humor and engaging personality quickly caught the attention of viewers, leading to his rise in popularity.

4. Akidearest– Agnes Yulo Diego

Diego opened her Current YouTube channel on December 18, 2014. She focuses on discussing anime, manga, and otaku culture.
She was born in Bakersfield, California, on February 16, 1993. After she completed her psychology degree from a university she created her YouTube channel and
decided to pursue YouTube as a career.

5. Mother’s Basement – Geoff

Geoff, also known as “Mother’s Basement,” is a popular Otaku YouTuber known for his in-depth analysis and commentary on anime. He gained his nickname from his frequent use of his mother’s basement as a filming location for his videos. With over 2 million subscribers, Geoff’s channel has become one of the most successful anime review channels on YouTube. Initially starting out with video game content, he shifted to anime reviews in 2015 and quickly gained a loyal following due to his unique style and humor. One of the main reasons for Geoff’s popularity is his thorough analysis of the shows he reviews. He dives into every aspect of the anime – from its plot and characters to animation and soundtrack – providing an in-depth understanding for viewers. His well-researched opinions are backed up with evidence and examples, making them not only informative but also entertaining.

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